Celebrities are offered all the best healthy skin treatments and medications so it bodes well to watch out for what they’re doing.

One treatment that is extremely famous among big names is microneedling and it would appear that the Stars are adoring this technique!

The “A-Lister” line up incorporates Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian and Demi Moore, just to give some examples.

At the Cannes Film Festival, Angelina Jolie created such an uproar with her young appearance that her preference for micro-needling was covered by the Los Angeles Times.

Jennifer Aniston stated, “I do micro-needling! I just learned about it a couple months ago from a facialist in New York. It allows the serums and whatever products you’re using to really soak in”

Aniston is alluding to the way that micro needling provides a short window of opportunity that allows post-treatment products to travel down the fresh channels in the skin reaching the important parts at concentrations that aren’t otherwise possible. These channels permit a momentary increase in permeability that is hundreds of times the normal degree that topical products can penetrate the skin. The impacts of topical serums can be quickened significantly.

In any case, that is really not the primary advantage of microneedling.

The absolute most maturing thing that happens to our skin is the progressive loss of collagen and elastin. Microneedling triggers the skins wound-reactions making it produce new collagen and elastin and causing the skin look and to feel more youthful and firmer. Wrinkles are decreased, tones are levelled and drooping is lifted!

Dissimilar to numerous other significantly successful medications micro-needling doesn’t attempt to compel skin cells into an alternate state unnaturally. Microneedling triggers the skin’s own local revival process and is, in this manner, totally characteristic. Therefore it works incredibly well with all skin types…

So in case you’re searching for a snappy, effortless, and compelling approach to improve the surface, tone, and general appearance of their skin, at that point Microneedling may be an incredible alternative for you.

Microneedling has proved to significantly improve these skin issues: 

  • Rough skin texture
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Laugh lines
  • Surgical scars
  • Acne scars
  • Chicken pox scars
  • Large pores
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Aging skin
  • Stretch marks

To ensure that you’re getting the best consideration and treatment, coming up next are a couple of tips that you ought to consider.


First a touch of History and Facts:

The idea of needling the skin has been available for hundreds or even a huge number of years, going back to old societies. Proof shows that the Chinese, Indians, and Egyptians had all investigated micro-needling somewhat.

The Microneedling strategy that we are aware of today is predicated on present-day, science-based ideas.


What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally obtrusive restorative strategy that is utilized to treat skin concerns by means of collagen creation.

Otherwise called collagen induction therapy, this treatment can likewise assist with diminishing the presence of skin break out scars and even stretch imprints.


How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling works by urging your skin to produce more collagen. The idea is that pinpricks from the technique cause slight injury to the skin and the skin reacts by making new collagen-rich tissue.

This new skin tissue is, thusly, progressively even in tone and surface. It’s typical for the skin to lose collagen by age or injury. By urging the skin to make new tissue, there might be more collagen to help make the skin firmer as well.

In regards to facial concerns, microneedling is used to treat stretch marks in different areas of the body. One investigation found that microneedling was compelling for stretch blemishes on the thighs and stomach region when joined with fillers.

Scarring on other body parts may likewise be treated with this system. Be that as it may, microneedling is essentially utilized on the face.


Microneedling Preparation Tips?

  • Consult with your skincare professional before your first microneedling session. This is the most important part if it’s your first time experiencing micro-needling. This simple consultation will help you better understand your skin’s needs and how microneedling enhances its appearance.
  • Exfoliate your skin several times. Unless otherwise advised by your skincare professional, you should exfoliate every 2 to 3 days, and no less than 3 days before your appointment. This helps to remove some of the extra dead cells on the surface of your skin, making it easier for the needles to penetrate the upper layers of your skin.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in the weeks leading up to your treatment. Maintaining a healthy diet is the best way to ensure your body is prepared for the procedure. Berries are an especially good source of antioxidants, which are great for your skin and help with the healing process.
  • If you have a history of cold sores, you might have a flare-up. Try using a lysine preparation, which helps with cold sores, prior to your treatment. You can also ask your doctor about taking antiviral medication.
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water isn’t only beneficial for your overall health, it also ensures your skin heals quickly, giving you that radiant, supple appearance. Microneedling can also rob your skin of its moisture, so drinking plenty of water before the procedure will help make sure your skin stays well hydrated.
  • Begin and maintain a good skincare regimen and routine. Even though micro-needling is minimally invasive, it will cause minor trauma to your skin, which is the point, after all. A comprehensive skincare routine not only helps to give your skin the strength it needs to endure the tiny punctures, but it also makes sure you develop good skincare habits. After the procedure, you’ll likely be asked to apply certain topical products to aid with healing, so already having a good routine in place will help you stay on top of your aftercare.
  • Avoid using harsh creams or lotions with retinoids. Stay away from products containing vitamin A, topical antibiotics, hydroquinone, or benzoyl peroxide for at least three days before your treatment. This will help to ensure that your skin will be in its best shape to handle the treatment, as well as recover from it.
  • You should have a completely clean face when you begin treatment.
  • Keep a close eye on the condition of your skin. Be sure to tell your Esthetician about any significant changes you notice leading up to your treatment. This might include a breakout, excessive dryness, or even sunburn.



Microneedling Aftercare

After your treatment, you may appear as though you spent too much time in the sun and earned yourself a moderate to extreme burn from the sun. Your skin may also feel hotter and tighter than expected.

These are typical reactions to the procedure that fade following an hour or two, and totally vanish inside 24 hours. There might still be some minimal redness in spots after that, yet even that will fade inside a couple of days. The deepest needles might also cause some minor bleeding, swelling or bruising.

Within the first day or two after your microneedling procedure, you’ll likely notice your skin beginning to flake and peel. This is because of the treatment accelerating your skin cells’ turnover rate, which is how rapidly the dead cells are supplanted by new cells.

Peeling usually lasts about seven days, during which time you can utilize your ordinary skin cream. Make certain to adhere to any extra guidelines given to you by your Esthetician.


Microneedling Results: What to Expect

Regardless of some initial redness and possible swelling, following your treatment your skin should now look and feel more tight and invigorated. You may even observe a slight plumping impact on your skin when the swelling goes away.

Your skin should begin to build its collagen creation nearly 48 to 72 hours after your treatment.

In spite of this increase, most people won’t notice huge results for at least 1 to 4 weeks after their first treatment. Full results from the first treatment can take as long as 2 months to appear.

While several treatments are usually required, you’ll likely observe scar tissue shrink and a decrease of UV damaged skin, dim spots, and stretch marks after just a single treatment. You may likewise observe improvements in the surface of your skin as it becomes thicker, firmer and healthier overall.

The new collagen that is delivered will stay for a couple of years, making microneedling a treatment with magnificent life span, particularly considering about how straightforward it is.

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