Milia ‘Milk Spots’

Milia, or ‘milk spots’, as they are sometimes called, can make people feel self-conscious about their skin. Tiny cysts just below the very outer layer of skin, milia are a build-up of trapped oil/minerals which can’t be squeezed through to the surface. They are often mistaken as a spot or white head around the eye area.

If you’re one of the many people affected by milia and would like to do something about them, then we can help.

What causes Milia?

Medical professionals haven’t been able to confirm a specific cause of milia in adults. Unlike some skin conditions, they don’t seem to be related to diet, lifestyle or health issues. However, milia can be caused by oily make-up removal products and make-up removal wipes (not so convenient now). These oily products create a sandwich of oil beneath and on top of the skin. Men can sometimes worsen their milia by using heavy, high-street products, such as oily moisturisers after shaving.

Tips for dealing with milia
  • We highly recommend using exfoliating products in your skin regime
  • Avoid cleansing wipes
  • Ensure face cloths, and other items that come into contact with your face such as towels and pillowcases, as well as make-up brushes, are cleaned regularly
  • Seek professional advice for removal.
How can I get rid of my milia?

We use Advanced Electrolysis, a heated micro-needle treatment, to pierce your milia and remove the oil trapped under your skin. In some cases, your practitioner will see the oil being removed, especially if you have a large area of milia build-up. The treatment feels like a hot needle flick, which means it can be quite sensitive around the eye. Some clients feel nothing at all, whereas others feel the flicking sensation.

Advanced electrolysis is a very effective treatment for this skin concern, as, once treated, your milia should not return.

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Treatments & Prices
Please note these are the treatment types best suited but we recommend booking a free consultation first to find the best treatment for you.


TREATMENT*Starting From

CACI Ultra & Synergy

A combination of microcurrent , ultrasound and LED light therapy to create innovative treatments that revitalises, tightens and tones facial muscles. CACI has unrivalled celebrity making it the most talked about treatment in the industry’s history.



Taking skin rejuvenation to another level, delivered by INNOPen the world’s safest microneedling device, for the rejuvenation of various skin conditions.


Peel Treatments (2 weeks preparation required)

Skin peels accelerate the skins natural exfoliation. AHA and BHA acids are used, particularly glycol acid – the smallest of the fruit acid molecules. There is little or no downtime but you may observe a sensation similar to mild sunburn or slight flaking skin for about 3 days following the treatment, home care is recommended.


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