Dull & Dehydrated

It’s quite common to feel that your skin is looking dull or tired – that it has lost its brightness and looks grey in appearance. This can be related to ageing, but also lifestyle factors such diet, poor skincare, and even pollution.

With the help of our expert clinicians, you can do something about dull or tired skin and feel rejuvenated and proud to face the world.

What is dull skin?

Dehydrated or dull skin is very different from dry skin; however, these two are commonly confused. They have similar symptoms, but they have very different causes. Dehydration results from lack of water in the skin, but dry skin results from inadequate levels of oils, which are normally produced in the sebaceous glands.

What causes dull skin?

The most common cause of dull skin is ageing. However, it can be triggered by diet, lack of water content in your skincare, some medications, smoking, excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption. It can also be caused by poor skincare regimes, with excessive exfoliation and insufficient sun protection. Extreme weather conditions and environmental factors like pollution can also cause damage to the skin, with people in cities exhibiting signs earlier in life.

What does dull skin look like?

People with dull skin can appear grey – some clients describe it as looking translucent and tired. The skin loses its volume.

Tips for dealing with dull skin
  • Drink plenty of water and ensure you have a balanced diet containing essential vitamins.
  • Apply Hyaluronic Acid (HA) products to increase the hydration of your skin’s layers.
  • Seek expert advice on skin rejuvenation treatments.
Treatments & Prices
Please note these are the treatment types best suited but we recommend booking a free consultation first to find the best treatment for you.


TREATMENT*Starting From

Target Treatments

Hydratone Masque – £15

Synergy Orbital – £35


Image Peel Signature Face Lift

For rosacea, dry and dull skin. (45 mins)


Image O2 Oxygen Peel

For brightening dull, ageing and inflamed skin. (45 mins)


Dermaceutic Milk Peel

To brighten dull complexions, smooth fine lines and stimulate collagen production. (45 mins)


Combined Treatments

CACI Ultra & S.P.E.D™ combined with a choice of any skin peel treatments, work fabulously together to give the ultimate bespoke toning and brightening facial.


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